One of the most over-the-top JRPG franchises of all time, the Final Fantasy series has witnessed its fair share of powerful characters. Zidane Tribal (ジタン・トライバル, Jitan Toraibaru, / z ɪ ˈ d ɑː n /) is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IX.Zidane, along with other characters, was designed after the creation of Final Fantasy IX ' s plot, unlike its predecessors, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, which had its protagonists created before the story. To do this, they created an assortment of characters in Final Fantasy X that are now familiar to most gamers. Benjamin was the main character in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, yet he is almost always ignored during the Final Fantasy crossover events.. She expresses interest in multiple male characters, but can also romance Mary. The main character of last Final Fantasy game even didn't make it into top 5. The characters are arranged alphabetically by used name; usually first name, but in cases like Captain Mac, the surname (listed as "Mac, Captain"). These unforgettable characters, including Cid and Cloud Strife, are probably partially responsible for high sales across the Final Fantasy franchise, having sold millions of copies. Final Fantasy VII, a role-playing video game developed by Square (now Square Enix) and originally released in 1997, features many fictional characters in both major and minor roles. Characters from Final Fantasy VII remain popular despite the game released 21 years ago. The result maybe as you expected or may not. He is the protagonist of one of the most disliked Final Fantasy games in the history of the series, which means he gets about as much respect as Cait Sith or Mog from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It wasn't the best in the franchise, but it wasn't the worst, and it told a great (if slightly convoluted) story that captured the imagination of a generation. List of the best Final Fantasy characters from the original game to the newest titles in the series. These are all playable throughout the game, but Squall and Rinoa are the most important out of the six featured. Main Characters Final Fantasy VII has seven characters who are naturally obtained throughout the course of the game and two that are secret characters, which can be completely ignored. Rinoa Heartilly (Japanese: リノア・ハーティリー, Hepburn: Rinoa Hātirī) is the co-protagonist of Square's (now Square Enix) 1999 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VIII.She is a teenaged member of a resistance faction known as the Forest Owls. Final Fantasy VIII was a fine game. Final Fantasy VIII has six main characters, the majority of which are SeeDs. The polls based on all Final Fantasy games, male and female. For the PlayStation 2 era, Square wanted to blitz the JRPG scene. This section will collect information on all known characters in Final Fantasy XV. The player character, whose default name is Mary Sue, attends a school for wizards and can date male and female characters. Cloud Strife is the main playable character, as he is controllable by the player for the vast majority of the time. Poor Benjamin. In 1 the characters were little more than plot devices, but as the series progressed, they became more and more deep and nuanced. We currently have 28 Final Fantasy VIII characters in our database, out of a total of 53 characters. Visual novel: Hanako Games, Spiky Caterpillar United Kingdom Ellen Middleton Bisexual Ellen comes from a non-magical family. Main Characters. Feel free to contribute and add more pages when more information is known.