How to Clean a Diffuser. Today I'm sharing 2 ways to clean your essential oils diffuser. Though she believes it’s fine to clean your diffuser once every three weeks, Dr. Calapai says to sanitize it once a week. If your diffuser shows a false light indication; Make a note on the calendar or set up a reminder in your phone to deep clean the diffuser twice a month. Although some companies may suggest that using a distilled water is better for cleaning and use, others claim that tap water and the natural minerals that occur in it are beneficial for helping water to diffuse into a vapor. 3 WAYS TO CLEAN A NEBULIZING ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER Congratulations on your recent purchase of an Organic Aromas nebulizing essential oil diffuser. Easy enough since it’s such a simple task. Your essential oil diffuser tank should be cleaned regularly to prevent build up in the tank. I have long been a fan of using essential oil diffusers in our home. This unique device is not just beautiful and quiet, but very powerful as well! Apply a small amount of Multi Clean onto a cotton swab and gently clean the disc. Deep clean your essential oil diffuser after every five or six uses may help to prevent the cross-contamination of smells and the growth of bacteria or mildew. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a big deal though. Keeping your diffuser clean is vital to keep it running properly and making sure you are getting your full oil benefits. HOW TO CLEAN AN OIL DIFFUSER | 2 NON-TOXIC CLEANING METHODS Hey everyone! View our cleaning chart below for a quick reference. You can handpick essential oils to freshen, cleanse, energize, ground, uplift, or calm the senses all with the help of a diffuser. If the diffuser doesn’t start up, send us an email at [email protected] – we would love to help you troubleshoot. How To Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser. Although the deep cleaning isn't as effortless as the wipe down, it's still pretty simple. Before you get started diffusing fantastic aromas throughout your home, spa … Learning How to Clean a Diffuser? Clean water tank when switching blends and/or every 10-15 uses to keep your diffuser running smoothly. After each time you use your diffuser, just use a microfiber cloth or a Q-tip to wipe away any excess oil or water, Behling recommends. Whether you use your diffuser every day or once a month, maintenance is recommended to keep it operating at it’s best. Start by checking the instruction manual that came with the diffuser for cleaning … I keep one in the kitchen and family area to gently scent the air, help remove cooking odors, and set a calming mood. Try turning the diffuser on again. Essential oil diffusers are often the unsung hero behind the fragrant home and the invigorated body. #SajeTip: The little disc at the bottom of the water tank is responsible for creating the mist, so it needs some attention, too! If you were to drop by for a visit, chances are you would find a diffuser running somewhere. Check out our blog post on the proper way to clean your diffuser and to make things even easier, check out Klenzor. Why is it important to clean my diffuser? Essential oil diffusers are THE perfect tool to liven a space. Clean the diffuser following the steps shown above.